Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Imagination and Ambition

My blog has moved from Blogger to my own domain.

The Naturography Blog can now be found at http://naturography.com

This blog post can now be found at http://naturography.com/imagination-and-ambition/

Thank you for your interest.


Ralph Nordstrom said...

Mike, excellent article. You've really captured the essence of being a nature photographer. Many people don’t appreciate all the thought and the many decisions that go into capturing an image. One of the things I find fascinating about nature photography is we strive to express our emotional response to the subject but to do so we must be both intuitive and rational at the same time, not always easy to do.

I also like your comments about being ambitious. In my experience a large part of that was giving myself permission to take an image, how can I put it, to a new dimension.

Thanks for putting this all down and sharing it. I think it’s a good thing to not only educate our viewers but also our fellow photographers. Again, excellent article.

Mike Spinak said...

Thanks, Ralph.

Please do me a favor and help spread the word about this blog to people you know who might appreciate it.