Monday, September 7, 2009

Announcing The Naturography Business Page on Facebook

First, a picture of the day – Since it's my birthday, and since I'm announcing the "birth" of the Naturography business page on Facebook, here's a picture of a Clodius Parnassian butterfly emerging from the cocoon, stretching its new wings as they fill with hemolymph:

This is just a very brief post, to let you know that I've created a Naturography business page, on facebook.

The Naturography business page will show pictures and status report updates, announce blog posts (here), announce print specials, announce instructional offerings (workshops, seminars, private instruction, photo critique, books, and so on), and will be a convenient place to contact me.

Please feel welcome to "Become a Fan", so that you can follow my newsfeed on Facebook.

I hope to see you, there.

Thank you.

Clodius Parnassian Butterfly Emerging from Cocoon

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