Friday, August 8, 2008

Seeing the Light: Part 1

My blog has moved from Blogger to my own domain.

The Naturography Blog can now be found at

This blog post can now be found at

Thank you for your interest.

I hope this illustration helps make clear what "The light makes the picture" means.

There's a lot more to say about seeing light, and I'm later going to seemingly contradict what I say, here. But that will have to wait.

Have a good day.

First Light, Mono Lake

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Anonymous said...


This is really good stuff. I saw your post on DWF. I'm adding you to my news reader, too. Keep those posts coming because you're not only a great tog but a great instructor, too. All the best, Bret.

Mike Spinak said...

Thank you, Bret. I'm glad you are liking it. I'll definitely be keeping it coming.

Please let anyone you know who might be interested about this blog, and, if appropriate, post a link to it on your website.


Aw-sum_possum said...

hey i love your pics!!! ....i was seriously thinking of being a photographer and your blogs (er whatever this is) made me think more about it .....ecspecially the "it pays poorly" part .... hmmm i'm probably still going to do it....although i dont quite know where i'm going to start :| ....but thx anyway for making me think about it .....and thats way in the future when i have to actually pick my career but it doesn't hurt to think about it now :D