Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Infinite Possibilities, Part 3

My blog has moved from Blogger to my own domain.

The Naturography Blog can now be found at

This blog post can now be found at

Thank you for your interest.


Mark S. Peterson said...

A very well-written essay, Mike, with which I agree wholeheartedly.

Fabulous accompanying image, as well! That image has appeared on for some time, and I've long admired it there!


Mike Spinak said...

Thank you, Mark!

There's yet more to come. I hope you like the rest.

I'm pleased you like this picture. Yes, it was the Photo of the Week during Christmas week, 2001. It's no longer on, but you know where to find it.

Ed Vatza said...

I love this image. I saw it on your Facebook wall and it really caught my attention there as well. Love the detail. Love the comp. Love the vibrant green. A real winner.

Mike Spinak said...

Thank you, Ed.

birdy said...

What an awesome possibility!