Sunday, November 8, 2009

Infinite Possibilities, Part 5

My blog has moved from Blogger to my own domain.

The Naturography Blog can now be found at

This blog post can now be found at

Thank you for your interest.


Paul B said...

Mike, I hope these columns are in your book, fantastic. Help us all see better, please.

Curtis Copeland said...

Beautiful image - and great thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Spinak said...


I hadn't really decided about these articles in book form, but I'll consider it. Some of the content is certainly related to some of the content which I intend to put into the books.

Curtis, Thank you, and you are welcome.

Ralph Nordstrom said...

Mike, your comments are right on. I often find myself in Zion on the bridge over the Virgin River at sunset photographing the Watchman. The bridge is lined with people, their cameras on tripods. One might ask, "Where's the creativity in this?" But you hit it on the head in this series of articles. The point that is the most meaningful to me is that we as artists all have, first of all, a unique way of perceiving the world, and second, a unique way of expressing it. After all, art is interpretation, art is communication. So while there may be 30 or 40 people standing sholder to sholder on the bridge, the artist will come away with a unique expression of his or her experience and emotions. Great series of articles.