Thursday, November 5, 2009

Infinite Possibilities, Part 4

My blog has moved from Blogger to my own domain.

The Naturography Blog can now be found at

This blog post can now be found at

Thank you for your interest.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,
I just had to take a moment and thank you for the considerable insight and the care with which you have created your blog. I'll be checking back often. Happy Shooting...

Mike Moats said...

Totally agree Mike, as a professional macro photographer, I preach this in my workshops that every minute of everyday in our great forests, fields, and waters, there are intimate scenes of nature’s creative artwork being played out . These scenes only last for minutes or days, but will be forever erased by the environment and never seen again. If you put yourself out there enough and are observant, you will photograph images that you can called original, and your own personal artwork that no one else can ever duplicate again.

Ralph Nordstrom said...

I'm really enjoying your series. Your insight is fresh and encouraging. I'm also convinced you don't have to find new, unique subjects to create a unique expression.

Looking forward to reading #5.


Mike Spinak said...

Thank you, Keron, Mike, and Ralph.